Provider Referrals

About Our Phone Coaching Program

Colorado QuitLine services are provided by National Jewish Health® and administered by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, through Colorado’s Amendment 35 vote-approved funding. Research shows that smokers who use Colorado QuitLine services are more likely to successfully quit than smokers who try to quit on their own. Since 2002, this telephone-based cessation program has been offering services tailored to individual smoker’s needs. Trained coaches work closely with individuals to develop coping skills to quit tobacco use and remain tobacco-free. The program consists of a bilingual QuitLine Call Center; proactive, positive coaching sessions; the web-based for 24/7 support; provision of nicotine replacement therapy products to eligible participants; printed materials; and a comprehensive quality assurance program.

Learn more about the QuitLine and Quitlogix programs.

Refer a Patient

ASK every patient at each encounter about tobacco use and document status.

ADVISE every tobacco user to quit with a clear, strong personalized message about the benefits of quitting.

REFER patients who are ready to quit tobacco within the next 30 days to the Colorado QuitLine.

To refer a patient to the Colorado QuitLine, please print out the appropriate form below and fax it to 1-800-261-6259.