Success Stories

Ex-smokers often say that quitting smoking is one of the biggest achievements in their lives. The QuitLine has helped thousands of smokers become proud quitters. Proud quitters want to share their story to inspire others.

*Individual results of quitting tobacco may vary based on several factors, such as motivation to quit, use of tobacco cessation medications and duration of participation in the program


People from all over the state have quit tobacco with help from 1-800-QUIT-NOW. They did the smart thing and took advantage of a free service that gave them support, coaching, quit tips and nicotine patches, gum and lozenges. Note that the names have been changed to protect people's identity, but the stories are real.

Carmen’s Story
With the support of three daughters and a grandbaby on the way, Carmen is glad to be two months smoke-free.

Brian’s Story
Feeling drained and lacking in energy, Brian decided to give up smoking to regain some energy and feel better.

Geri’s Story
After 30 years of smoking, Geri is setting a new example for her family. She doesn't want them to struggle with COPD as she does.

Tony’s Story
Tony was very addicted to Copenhagen chew for quite a large part of his life. He loved to chew and most of his friends did as well.

Debbie’s Story
Debbie is thrilled with how much money she is saving and has purchased a computer for herself.